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Virtuate is here to help you:

  • create stunning Management or Customer facing reports/documents...
  • interface data to/from external systems, Suppliers, Customers, Banks, Government agencies...
  • add your own new functionality to your Oracle E-Business Suite...
  • fine tune and utilize your software to better meet your needs...
  • find an expert to help solve your nagging issues...

Virtuate specializes in Oracle Applications/E-Business Suite services and solutions. Whether you are implementing, upgrading, extending or just managing your Oracle E-Business Suite installation, where ever you are in the world, Virtuate is here to help. From offsite package based development to support, we can assist.

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Virtuate acknowledges that Oracle E-Business Suite can be difficult. Often required data is missing or is not available in one report, the delivery mechanisms could be more efficient, and the most appropriate tools may not be used. To address this Virtuate can review your reporting needs, recommend and deliver an outstanding solution.

The following are services are available with respect to Oracle E-Business Suite Reporting:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite standard report extensions.
  • Development of new reports, both internally and externally facing.
  • Conversion of reports from Oracle Reports to BI Publisher.
  • Reporting Audits including recommendations for the available reporting tools and reporting delivery mechanisms - Online, Email, Fax, SMS. Considerations of formats, Text, PDF, HTML, XML, CSV. Comparisons and reviews between products such and Oracle Reports, Discoverer and BI Publisher.
  • Oracle Application Express based reporting.
  • Advice/assistance with 3rd party reporting products including Noetix, Excel4Apps GLWand.

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More and more systems are talking to each other. Solid interfaces are a necessity. The complexity of underlying software and architecture is increasing, but the solutions available to manage the underlying software are becoming more intelligent.

Virtuate can assist with developing the following types of interface requirements, and more:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions
  • B2B Document Interface (Invoicing, etc)
  • Bank Interfaces (EFT, Bank Statements)
  • Document Management Integration
  • Reporting Management solutions
  • Online API Based Interfaces (between modules)
  • High performance batching requirements
  • Data Conversions
  • Advice/assistance with 3rd party interface options such as DataLoad, More4Apps

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Virtuate provides solutions for any custom Oracle E-Business Suite requirements, small to large, simple to complex. Solutions can be developed with remote connectivity to your site, or completely offsite.

  • Functional and Technical Specifications
  • Modifications / Extensions
  • Personalizations - Forms and OAF
  • Integrated Custom Applications
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Data Conversions
  • 3rd Party Application Integration

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Security Audits

With the complexity of the Oracle E-Business Suite, security can often be overlooked. However with knowledge of a few fundamentals, implementation of a few key patches, and training in a few key processes, security can be locked down. Virtuate can assist with procedural and technical requirements for segregation of duties and associated compliance needs.

Implementations and Upgrades

Is it time for you to upgrade? Virtuate can help with implementations, upgrades and migrations. Make the most out of your Oracle license and upgrade to the latest version. Get the best value from your infrastructure and consider migrations to Linux.


Are you struggling to understand Oracle Support's lingo?

If you need the middle man to speed up the resolution of your Oracle Support SR's then give us a try now! We will be glad to help you with one SR for free with our current E-Business Consultation service.

Virtuate Support Services include:

  • Expert Liason between you and Oracle Support
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Functional Consultancy
  • Oracle E-Business Suite (Applications) DBA (Patching, Maintenance, System Administration, Automation)
  • Oracle and Oracle E-Business Suite Installations
  • Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database Upgrades and Migrations
  • Oracle E-Business Suite System Administration
  • Audits - Environment, Security, Performance
  • E-Business Suite System Integration

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