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Virtuate: \Vir"tu*ate\, v. t. To give virtue of, or to provide, the capacity for producing a desired result or effect;.


"A company founded on the back of extensive experience."

Virtuate is one of a few companies that specializes in Oracle eBusiness Suite development. Throughout his experience with the world of Oracle in New Zealand and globally, founder Gareth Roberts identified that expert skills and knowledge, combined with good project management made the difference between an exceptional solution and a mediocre one - solutions that will be used and raved about versus one that will be replaced. With the size and complexity of the Oracle eBusiness Suite these fundamentals are even more true. Rather than be absorbed into a larger organization he decided to continue that specialization and form Virtuate.


"You have to get the butterflies to fly in formation, that's the trick."

In early 2006 Virtuate was born in Windy Wellington. With the world becoming "smaller" and social networking entering the fore, one of the early goals of Virtuate was to provide "virtual" developers without the need for customers to enter into arrangements with costly on-site fulltime or contract staff. The development of Oracle eBusiness Suite solutions would be packaged and delivered without on-site resource requirements. Virtuate continues to operate in this manner today, occasionally in partnership with other consulting parties, to provide the best possible value to its customers. In many cases Virtuate has not seen or visited their customers.

Our Team

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

People are the most valuable asset to any organization, and it is especially important to ensure any project based work is staffed by a team that works well together. For Oracle eBusiness Suite development having a small, expert team is the most effective way to ensure you reach the desired solution.
Virtuate maintains a core team of staff and employs specialists to ensure the maximum benefit for customers. A staff member of the customer is always valued as an important team member. As a benfit to our customers we partner with a number of companies as the need arises.

The key team members are:

Our Mission

Virtuate's mission is:

"To provide superior solutions for the Oracle eBusiness Suite, with first-class service and excellent value."

This mission statement focuses on the following:

  • Solutions: Our focus is to provide a complete solution, and we'll ensure that all aspects related to the underlying software are included in the solution. Whether its design, testing or documentation the entire solution is our goal.
  • Service: We won't smile until you do. If you contact us, we'll respond. We'll ensure we do that extra bit to ensure you get the best service available.
  • Value: We believe we offer valuable solutions, both in terms of meeting the requirements, and ensuring costs are kept to a minimum. Value was one of the objectives high on our list when forming Virtuate.

Our Culture

"Knowledge + Action = Success"

No profile of Virtuate would be complete without reference to the 7 virtues! Thanks to Wikipedia.

  1. Valour — Pursuit of Courage and Knowledge
  2. Generosity — Pursuit of Giving
  3. Liberality — Pursuit of Will
  4. Diligence — Pursuit of Ethics
  5. Patience — Pursuit of Peace
  6. Kindness — Pursuit of Charity
  7. Humility — Pursuit of Modesty

Virtuate keeps those virtues in mind and takes a subset to use as core values, especially given the way we operate. The following are the keys values to the our culture:

  • Can-do attitude: Every day we face challenges, and many of them are tough, but with a little concentration, effort and enthusiasm many of the barriers can be broken. In the IT technical world this is especially true and a positive attitude goes a long way to ensuring a solution is attainable.
  • Honesty and Integrity: "If you sell your integrity you can't buy it back." We ensure our staff value honesty and openness at all times.
  • Knowledge: You learn something new everyday. In the IT world technology changes at a rapid pace. Virtuate believes in making sure staff are mentored and given the opportunity and resources to learn.
  • Community: Virtuate staff members are encouraged to participate in community activities. Gareth Roberts runs a popular blog and is a committee member of the New Zealand Oracle Users Group.

Our Service Objectives

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

Part of our commitment to you is that our service will be first-class. The following are some of the things we target with respect to service:

  • If you contact us we will respond whether its phone, fax, email or txt. This should be a no-brainer for every business, but unfortunately we encounter unreturned emails/calls with many organizations we attempt to contact. We think its worth stating!
  • We will respond in an acceptable timeframe.
  • We will inform you of information that is relevant to your organization.
  • If you have any suggestions or issues with our service we will address them as our top priority.

"Punctuality is something that, if you've got it, there are few to share it with."

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